CLV Attribution - First Insights

We’ve written about CLV attribution from a conceptual point of view in our last blog post. Now we’ve launched out of the box CLV attribution for all Adtriba users.

Adtriba users can easily switch between the default attribution and CLV attribution view in the performance report and in the recommendations section. CLV attribution can also be activated for the Adtriba Google Ads export to optimize bid management in Adwords directly according to the CLV concept.

Also, the customer journey export containing the attribution weights can be switched to CLV attribution easily. As we’ve written in the first CLV attribution post, we are aware that the “sum of revenues” is a good proxy for CLV, but that for a full CLV analysis, costs and operating margins per customer need to be included. This can be accomplished through combining the customer journey export, including the CLV attribution weights, with such data from the backend and CRM systems.

A first analysis of some of our clients’ data reveals some interesting insights, while comparing standard Adtriba attribution vs. CLV attribution. Without looking at the data first and from a purely theoretical perspective, one would expect that lower funnel channels, such as SEA Brand, SEO, retargeting and direct will lose conversion attributions against upper funnel orientated channels such as non-branded paid search, display und social.

It is still a bit early to do a full analysis across all Adtriba users and per vertical, since CLV attribution needs more time to adjust fully. So the following stats are just based on a sample of our users:

Reduction of conversions attributed to:

  • Direct (-17%)
  • Paid Search – Brand (-19%)


Increase of conversions attributed to:

  • Paid Search – Non-Branded (8%)
  • Display (10%)
  • Social (3%)


This validates the assumption that upper funnel campaigns are prone to gain and lower funnel campaign tend to lose conversions through CLV attribution.

We are looking forward to our clients working with these enhanced analytics and deriving actionable insights. Because most importantly, without action even the most advanced CLV attribution analysis is worthless.